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Have comprehensive capabilities to manage all common diseases under one roof. It was built in just two short years and inaugurated in March 2006.

ECG & Trademill Test (T.M.T.)  in RMS Hospital
Electrocardiography (ECG) is a basic test that is . It may be normal in several patients at rest between attacks of Angina. However, during the episodes of pain there may be depression of the ST segment and a T wave inversion in several leads, indicating Ischemia. In cases of Infarction (heart attack), there will be ST segment elevation in the ECG, which may gradually evolve. An Echocardiogram may help in showing any functional abnormalities in the various cardiac chambers and in assessing the pumping efficiency of the heart.

Exercise, being a physiological stress, can unmask abnormalities of the heart, not present at rest. Treadmill test assesses the heart function in patients with suspected or proven disease by means of ECG & BP monitoring during walking at progressive speeds & gradients. In other words, TMT is exercise ECG and observation of patient during a graded stress. This is the easiest, popular and common test performed on heart patients to determine the severity of the heart disease. Taken at an interval, this test can also show the improvement or deterioration of patient's angina. In other words, this test is helpful for quantifying disability, diagnosis & prognosis of disease.
ECG & Trademil Test


Modern 12 lead ECG capability.

TMT department is staffed with qualified physician.

Specialized life support system equipment to manage cardiac emergencies.

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