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Have comprehensive capabilities to manage all common diseases under one roof. It was built in just two short years and inaugurated in March 2006.

Operation Theaters  in RMS Hospital
These complexes consist of Organ Transplantation Operation Theatres, Laparoscopic Surgery and General Surgery Operation Theatres, Surgical ICUs, Step-down ICUs and Recovery Unit.

  • OT complex is isolated with a sterile corridor and entry is through an air-shower system
  • The theatre walls of ICU complex are lined with Dupont's Corian material. This material is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and without joints
  • The arrangement does not allow harboring of any organisms in the theatre and ICU complex.
  • Heraeus, HanAuport OT lights & pendants
  • Each theatre has an independent laminar airflow mechanism with filters to maintain theatre sterility.
  • Ventilation Systems


Heraeus, Hanuport OT Lights & Pendants


Heraeus Med, the pioneering ceiling mounted lighting system is a compact arrangement planned meticulously for the ease of the operating surgeons. It includes:


  • Modular equipping of appliances of differing weights and sizes
  • Safe, precise locking of anesthesia machines
  • Integrated gas lines and cables for high and low tension currents
  • Clear monitoring of anesthetic appliances connected
  • Integrated and safe connection of the signal and control lines to HANAUVISION.


Operation Theaters


Operation Theaters


Operation Theaters


Orthopedic, General, Laparoscopic, Gynec & Ob, Ophthalmic and ENT surgery operating theaters.


Pre and Post Anesthesia care area.


Gamma Chamber for sterilization.


II-TV (C Arm for Ortho. and Urological surgery)


Laparoscopic and Uroscopic state-of-the-art instruments.


Centralized Oxygen supply and backup power generator.


Each O.T. is well equipped with instruments.


We strive for the best patient experience and results.


Experienced Surgeons & highly trained OT staff.


Excellent post operative care & follow up.


Well maintained equipment in a ultra clean/sterile environment.


Continuing medical education for all staff members.


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