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Have comprehensive capabilities to manage all common diseases under one roof. It was built in just two short years and inaugurated in March 2006.

X-Ray in RMS Hospital

Most people are familiar with x-rays. Detailed images of the muscles, bones, joints, and organs are created when a small amount of radiation passes through the body to expose sensitive film on the other side.


Patients stand next to a digital imaging board or lie on a table, depending on the part of the body being studied. The images take just seconds to produce (you may be asked to hold your breath and lie still). The tests are painless.


X-rays penetrate the composition and mass of the tissues and bones to construct the image. Your technologist will make sure the image is clear before you leave.




Modern fully motorized X-Ray machine.


Capable of all radiological investigations including all plain X-Rays, Barium Meal Test, and more...


We have also mobile X-ray machine.

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