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Have comprehensive capabilities to manage all common diseases under one roof. It was built in just two short years and inaugurated in March 2006.

RMS Hospital's Board of Directors

Name: Shree Odhavjibhai R. Patel Name: Shree Bhimjibhai J. Sutariya
Designation: President Designation: Secretary
Occupation: Businessman Occupation: Agricultural
Sardar Patel Health Foundation Bhavnagar Trust Reg. No. E/2408

Detail Of Trustees Of Foundation
Sr. No. Name Occpation Designation Mobile No Relation With Other Trustees
1 Odhavjibhai Ramjibhai Patel Businessman President 98252 05437 Brother Of Sr. No. 30
2 Dharamsibhai Harjibhai
Businessman Vice President 98253 20340 None
3 Bhimjibhai Jivrajbhai Sutariya Agricultural Secretory 98259 09353 Father Of Sr. No. 33 & Brother Of Sr. No. 32
4  Mayurbhai Manojbhai Patel Businessman Trustee 9825119452 None
5 Vallabhbhai Premjibhai Savani Industrialist Trustee 9825110015 Brother Of Sr.No. 19
6  Govindbhai Laljibhai Kakadiya Industrialist Trustee 9867044111 None
7 Vallabhbhai Shamjibhai Patel Industrialist Trustee 9821022401 None
8 Jerambhai Padamsibhai Kasodariya Industrialist Trustee 9825112550 None
9  Manaharbhai Muljibhai Kakadiya Industrialist Trustee 9824111222 None
10 Bhikhabhai Valjibhai Sonani Businessman Treasurer 9374713811 None
11  Rameshchandra Dvarkadas Patel Businessman Vice President 9825043425 None
12  Ravjibhai Premjibhai Monapara Industrialist Internal Auditor 9925205961 None
13 Jasmatbhai Nanubhai Viradiya Industrialist Trustee 9825820000 None
14  Damjibhai Dharmasibhai Pavasiya Businessman Trustee 9819480581 None
15 Hareshbhai Mohanbhai Patel Businessman Trustee 9324517118 None
16 Dahyalal Mohanbhai Sutariya Businessman Trustee 9825488870 None
17 Trikambhai Premjibhai Navadiya Industrialist Trustee 9825248292 None
18 Valjibhai Premjibhai Vaghasiya Agricultural Trustee 9426966652 None
19 Ishwarbhai Premjibhai Savani Businessman Trustee 9879561861 Brother Of Sr. No. 5
20 Arvindbhai Ranchhodbhai Boghara Businessman Trustee 9825127999 None
21 Ghanshyambhai Kanjibhai Patel Businessman Trustee 9825127153 None
22 Jagdishbhai Labhubhai Gadhiya Businessman Trustee 9825140110 None
23  Damjibhai Muljibhai Kakadiya Businessman Trustee 9825120053 None
24 Harshadbai Laljibhai Patel Businessman Trustee 9374718615 None
25 Govindbhai Talsibhai Khokhani Businessman Trustee 9979872251 None
26 Veljibhai Mohanbhai Sheta Businessman Trustee 9925205955 None
27 Vallabhbhai Govindbhai Sutariya Businessman Trustee 9867329729 None
28  Bhagvanbhai Kalyanbhai Kukadiya Businessman Trustee 9825142881 None
29 Pravinbhai Mohanbhai Kheni Businessman Trustee 9820061274 None
30 Jadavbhai Ramjibhai Patel Businessman Trustee 9825205437 Brother Of Sr. No. 1
31 Jivrajbhai Ramjibhai Patel Industrialist Trustee 9825205437 Brother Of Sr. No. 1
32  Nagjibhai Jivrajbhai Sutariya Industrialist Trustee 9825909353 Brother Of Sr. No. 3 & Father Of Sr. No. 43
33  Ishwarbhai Bhimjibhai Sutariya Industrialist Trustee 9825909353 Son Of Sr. No. 3
34 Jasmatbhai Thakarsibhai Sutariya Industrialist Trustee   None
35  Bharatbhai Kanjibhai Dungarani Industrialist Trustee   None
36  Madhubhai Jethabhai Dungarani Doctor Trustee   None
37 Rajeshbhai Jerambhai Patel Doctor Trustee   None
38 Popatlal Dahyabhai Patel Industrialist Trustee   None
39 Bhagvanbhai Karamsibai Vaghani Industrialist Trustee   None
40 Madhavjibhai Thakarsibhai Ghelani Industrialist Trustee   None
41  Narsibhai Jadavbhai Patel Industrialist Trustee   None
42 Gordhanbhai Gopalbhai Diora Doctor Trustee   None
43 Yashesh Nagjibhai Sutariya Industrialist Trustee 9825909353 Son Of Sr. No. 32
44  Bhikhalal Trikambhai Sutariya Agricultural Trustee 9879854512 None
45 Jivrjabhai Parsottambhai Dungarani Businessman Trustee 9824796707 None
46 Kaushikbhai Ramjibhai Patel Businessman Trustee 9825132223 None
47 Ramanbhai Odhavjibhai Dungarani Businessman Trustee 9825114054 None
48 Becharbhai Ramjibhai Munjani Businessman Trustee 9825205163 None
49  Laljibhai Madhabhai Navadiya Agricultural Trustee   None
50  Bharatbhai Thakarsibhai Sutariya Industrialist Trustee   None
51 Babubhai Virjibhai Mangukiya Businessman Trustee 9426522222 None
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